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Microsoft Office Courses in English

Located in Düsseldorf, Germany, we provide companies with high quality Microsoft Office Courses with English as training language. Our team consists of motivated trainers, who perform Microsoft Office training in English on a regular basis. Evaluations show very good marks for our English-speaking courses.

In English, please! Our Microsoft 365 Training

Regarding software training in English, we cover a wide range of Office programs: Do you want to increase your knowledge in one of the classics, e.g. PowerPoint, Word, Outlook? Or do you shrive for excellence in Microsoft 365, i.e. Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Forms, Planner? As well you might want to go further in Project or Visio to improve your organization - or learn Access, VBA, Power Query, PowerPivot, or Power BI to analyze data in depth. As Excel is one of the most wanted topics please go here for specific information: Excel Training in English.

You will be glad to know, that not only regarding training content we are flexible. Also different group sizes (from one on one coaching to groups of ten persons) are possible. If you are more than ten participants, we suggest to split into two or more teams. That's also good to either meet different schedules or levels.

In your office or online?

If you've got spacious rooms and prefer to train onsite, we recommend inhouse trainings. That's courses on premise at your firm. Our English-speaking trainer will travel to you location. Your employees use their own equipment - or we deliver notebooks to borrow. Please make sure to inform us about your Microsoft Office version and if the software is in English or German language; that's especially important for Excel seminars. Our trainers will bring their notebook to connect to your projector or screen.

Achieving same results in terms of learning success we offer webinars as well. Using our Teams or Zoom we send over a link ahead of the training. Screen sharing in both directions, chat, audio, video, OneDrive folder including example and training files: Experience a high service level with our Microsoft Office webinars in English.